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Web Proxy?

A Web Proxy is a service which allows the user to surf the net anonymously. When using a web proxy, not only is your identity hidden but you will be able to escape filters and firewalls from an internet connection.

Browsing the internet via a web proxy protects you by allowing the host machine (proxy server) to represent you on the net.

In most cases your job, school, or even your country may prevent you from accessing your favorite websites. A web proxy will circumvent this. Another benefit of using a web proxy is that it will often allow you protection against spyware and popups!


ASProxy 5.5.0 Packages

The default package contains ASProxy precompiled files. Make sure you have pre-requirements.

ASProxy Precompiled (Multilanguage) 390 KB

ASProxy Sources 1.3 MB - Also available through SVN.

In other languages

ASProxy Precompiled packages contains all language resources. So it is possible to change the language to your desigred language.

Anyway, bellow packages are preconfigured to display in desigred languages for ease of use. If you like to see your language here, read how to translate ASProxy.

ASProxy Precompiled v5.5.0 (Chinese) 390 KB

ASProxy Precompiled v5.5.0 (Czech) 390 KB

ASProxy Precompiled v5.5.0 (Dutch) 390 KB

ASProxy Precompiled v5.5.0 (Russian) 390 KB

ASProxy Precompiled v5.5.0 (Farsi) 390 KB

ASProxy Sources

ASProxy is a free and open-source project, so the sources are available for everyone. It is developed with ASP.NET technology and C# language.

ASProxy sources are available through SVN, here is the command line:

svn co asproxy

Or you can download the latest version sources package:

ASProxy Sources v5.5b4 - 915 KB

ASProxy for Mono in Linux

It is possible to run ASProxy in Linux without any changes to the package. Just download the package and apply the requirements then it's ready. Mono and ASP.NET modules needed to be installed to run ASProxy on Linux. mod_mono for Apache, FastCGI for CGI servers and XSP for local proposes are available.

Read more about ASP.NET in Linux.

For local test, you can use XSP instead. Here is command line to run ASProxy with Mono and XSP2 in Linux:

$ cd /usr/lib/xsp/asproxy
$ xsp2

How to Translate

If you interested to translate ASProxy, download this package. This package includes some .resx files which are ASP.NET resource files. You need to translate these files.

The .resx files are in Xml format, so you can edit these files with simple notepad or any other xml editor program. Visual Studio is the best app to edit resx files.

Each .resx file contains data tags, you should translate these tags content. For example Display button's text is stored in default.aspx.resx like this:

<data name="btnASProxyDisplayButton.Text" xml:space="preserve">
and after translating to Dutch:
<data name="btnASProxyDisplayButton.Text" xml:space="preserve">

When you done with translation, please email me the files. Here is my email: salarsoftwares[at]gmail[.]com

Or you can send them to Google Groups.

And here is the .resx files package:

Language Resource Files v5.5 - 30 KB